At Practice Doctor we understand business, we understand dental practice, and we understand the world of health care. Most of all, we know about people and can offer a wide-ranging support service to our fellow dental-care professionals.

We make it our job to keep on top of the business issues and to keep you up to date, leaving you to concentrate on the dentistry.

Graham Barnby has worked in all areas of dentistry including the armed services, industry, NHS and private practice and has been involved with 3 dental corporate companies. He is a qualified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner and can focus on both clinical and non-clinical issues

Sally Goss is a hygienist with extensive experience of NHS and private practice as well as having worked for a corporate dental company in a mentoring role. She has a Life Coaching qualification and focuses on team issues, customer care and DCP integration in the Practice.

Ann Ballard has past experience in the NHS over 15 years in both clinical and non-clinical roles, and provides support in Health & Safety & Customer Service. Ann is also a qualified Life Coach and has experience in Training & Business Management.

We also have experienced consultants who cover design, marketing, training, customer service, financial planning, business development, Life Coaching and retirement strategy.