Services available from PRACTICE DOCTOR

There are three main services that are available


A comprehensive Practice manual has been produced which covers the daily working of Dental Practice focusing on the Patient, The Team and Practice Management.

This manual is backed up with advice sheets and policy documents on a CD supplied with the manual. These documents are available in both PDF and Word format so that they can be customized to each Dental Practice.

This manual will be updated regularly to take account of changes in legislation

The cost for the manual is £99 including postage and packing.


The Helpline is staffed from 9 am to 6 pm by personnel with the professional and dental business experience to provide advice and guidance on a range of issues for members.


Dental Practices are very busy and therefore our training and consultancy is all tailored to meet the needs of our clients on site. This is also most cost-effective for the Practice and allows teams to be in their most comfortable place so there is more interaction.

Consultancy costs start at £350 per day plus travel for In-Practice coaching and training.

Remember - We Guarantee to increase the gross income of the Practice by more than our fees.